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Volleyball rules are hard to keep up with because they often change, but here is a brief overview of the sport. To put it in simple terms, volleyball is a team sport in which goal is to keep the ball alive while it is on your side of the net, but to kill the rally by putting the ball down on your opponent’s side of the net.

You can score points in the game of volleyball in one of two ways:

  1. Putting the ball on the floor in-bounds on your opponent’s side of the net.
  2. An error (forced or unforced) by your opponent which renders them unable to return the ball over the net and in-bounds on your side in their allotted three contacts.

The sport of volleyball is one of the most malleable sports around because it is played in many variations and on many different surfaces. Add to that the frequent rule changes, and it is increasingly difficult to keep track of it all. But let’s learn.



Volleyball Information

MVP Volleyball Academy has a variety of programs to choose from. Whether you are a serious competitor or just starting out, we have a program to fit your needs or we can customize a program just for you.

For coaches, we will have coaching resources made available to you to build a successful program from the ground up. These resources include (but are not limited to) printed materials, online clinics and live coaching clinics, or we can customize a program just for you.

MVP Volleyball Academy is a proud member of the Junior Volleyball Association (JVA). The mission of the JVA is to promote the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education, and events.


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Volleyball High School Training

Varsity Volleyball

We have a variety of programs to choose from. Whether you are a serious competitor or just starting out, we have a program to fit your needs or we can customize a program just for you.

HS Power League

Power Leagues are comprised of High School Volleyball Programs located in a specific region of the state that compete against one another for rankings. Power Leagues are structured to maintain a high level of competition for every team throughout the season. The first weekend is for seeding so how a team finishes the first weekend determines where they are grouped for bracket play the 2nd weekend. Teams are grouped together with teams who finished with the same record during the previous weekend and each week one or two teams are moved up or down based on their performance in their “Power Pool”.

A weekend of Power League play is comprised of two days with two waves per day. Typically there are anywhere from 28-32 teams that play in each wave. The morning wave is from 8am-2pm and the afternoon wave is from 3pm-9pm. A team that competes in the first wave on Saturday and Sunday will alternate waves the following weekend and play in the afternoon wave.

The season schedule for a Power League team will consist of 9-10 events.






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