In 2012, Mentoring Valuable Protégés Inc. received its certification in Florida as a nonprofit corporation.

The brainchild and founding CEO is Jason Gilliam-Alexander. He saw a community asking for more positive chances for the future leaders and as a result, he conceptualized and designed a program structure that incorporates sports, education, health, entrepreneurship, and civic responsibility. This response was a true representation of his life as a civic and community administrator, his experiences as a gifted student athlete, and as a family man.

MVP is based in South Florida.


Based on recent data, Florida has had the eighth-worst high school graduation rate and 12th highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation. Additionally, unemployment in the state approached 10% in March of 2013, and one in four Florida teens is overweight or obese. The tri-county area of South Florida (including Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach) houses 30% of the entire state’s population and each county’s total number of residents under 18 average 20% of the state’s population. The high concentration of young residents gives way to a significant amount of socioeconomic challenges not existent in other counties.

Enter MVP.

Our evidence-based programs are run by individuals equipped with experiences, knowledge of the target communities, and understanding of the value of collaboration to operate a sustainable and impactful programming.

We have impacted the lives of thousands of teens in more than two dozen South Florida communities by introducing a program portfolio that offers hierarchical, engaging, and effective program activities.



Mentoring Valuable Protégés, Inc. has teamed up with Prosperity Social Community Development Group to offer an innovative mentoring program for kids ages 11-18. The program will provide youth skill development training in Leadership, Academics, Athletics, Career Development and Health Wellness.

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MVP uses sports as a catalyst for mentoring youth and to provide positive opportunities in discipline, personal development, and health.

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